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Anam Cara Soul Services

Anam Cara Soul Services

 “Keep me from anguish, keep me from danger,

Encircle my voyage over the seas.

A light will you lend me, to keep and defend me, 

O Beautiful Being, O Guardian this day/night.

Be a guiding star above me,

Illuminate each rock and tide,

Guide my ship across the waters,

To the waveless harbour-side.”

~ Caitlin Matthews, The Celtic Book of the Dead.

About Anam Cara Soul Services

Practical Matters

I can help you through the process of planning ahead of time, as well as helping with arrangements and paperwork after death.

Community Deathcare

Death is a process and I can provide spiritual support in the form of holding space, singing the soul home, and providing grief support. 

Celebrancy and Spiritual Care

I can help create a beautiful memorial or funeral service to celebrate life. I can also provide spiritual guidance in meditation, and connect you to community services that can help through the grief process. 

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Anam Cara Soul Services Mission


Anam Cara Soul Services embraces the Community Deathcare Movement in Canada and exists to help individuals and families through the dying process via practical, emotional and spiritual support, as well planning, holding space, singing the soul home, and aftercare for loved ones.

To learn more, please call:

(403) 837-3078

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